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Raindrop New Music is a grassroots music distribution collective of Pacific Northwest Composers: Drew Swatosh (they/them), Carolyn Quick (she/her) and Lisa Neher (she/her). Through this collective, we co-promote and uplift one another’s music to serve audiences, performers, teachers, and students of music.

We recognize that while we are members of historically excluded genders, we are racially privileged: we use the term “historically excluded genders” to extend to cisgender and transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, and all gender identities that have suffered systemic oppression and societal exclusion.

As inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest, we recognize that Raindrop New Music operates on the ancestral lands of the Atfalati (ah-TFAH-lah-tee), Cascades (ka-SKAYDZ), and Cowlitz (cow-lits) nations. These tribes have had ownership of the lands long before White colonizers settled them through horrific acts of violence. We are guests on their land, and it is imperative that we continue to acknowledge their sovereignty over the land and strive to have this land returned to them.