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Raindrop New Music

Raindrop New Music is a grassroots composer collective and sheet music store focused on the distribution of vocal music and beyond by Pacific Northwest Composers of gender diverse backgrounds

Current Collection

Of my Lungs

“Of my lungs” is a collection of 10 pieces for voice by Drew Swatosh, Carolyn Quick, and Lisa Neher. The title “Of my Lungs” was inspired by an excerpt from Drew’s Opera “If Only I Could Give You the Sun.” We loved this imagery of lungs and flowing air, not only because each of our pieces features the human voice – which itself is intrinsically linked with breath – but because many of these works were written during the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic: a time when things seemed to stand still and everyone’s awareness became centered upon our breath, upon what was being passed between our lungs.

Raindrop New Music Co-founders

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