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Art Song | Soprano, Flute, & Piano | 5.5′

Program Note:

Pieces was written for flutist Savannah Gentry and was featured on the inaugural concert of new music collective Persisting Sound for their Women in Classical Music Showcase Concert during the 2019 Siren Nation Festival. The text speaks to insecurity and the weight of external expectations. The narrator expresses their frustrations, refusing to limit themselves or become lesser and stands firm: discovering for the first time that they are worth preserving.


Soprano, Flute, & Piano

Original text
5.5 minutes
​Vocal Range: C#4-B5



Perusal Score



I am not breaking off pieces for you.
I will not allow another to write my songs;

But I can pull myself apart,
until I am thread-bare,
​until you can see through me like broken shards of shattered glass;
I can fall into myself,
lock the doors and live in solitude,
because I believe that it is practical,
because I think that caging myself will assimilate my unusual mind;
I can erode my very being until there is nothing left but
These things, I can do,
These things I’ll allow though they tear at the very fabric of my soul;
But I will not be forced into your cage,
I will not be broken with petty words or pettish stones,
I will not be pulled apart by alien hands –
I am my own world
And I will not break off any pieces for you.

-Carolyn Quick (2019)