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Drew Swatosh

Drew Swatosh (they/them) is a Vancouver, Washington-based composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. Inspired by their background in arts-integrated education, they write eclectic, programmatic music and use composing as a means of processing the world around them. Drew’s commissions include a trans/non-binary retelling of the myth of Icarus and Daedalus for the Seattle Opera Creation Lab; choral educator Stephanie Bivins; the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics Music Department; and vocalists Stephanie Lamprea, Marguerite McKean, and Carolyn Quick as part of the Dead Fires Anthology for Solo Unaccompanied/Self-Accompanied Voice. As a vocalist, they have sung in the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium American Creators Chorus under Conspirare Artistic Director Craig Hella Johnson. In collaboration with Persisting Sound, they made their professional debut with Portland artists Lisa Neher and Carolyn Quick. They are currently in In Medio and Cascadia Composers. For more information, visit their website,